Monday, April 22, 2013

Let Your Color Soar!

From colored pencils to copic markers, distress paints to alcohol inks, all color mediums have one thing in common: they allow you to truly customize your creations. This week at Simon Says Stamp and Show, we celebrate all things color!
Your challenge is simple - use any color medium (ink, pen, mist, paint, etc) on your project and share it with us. Remember... one lucky winner is chosen at random each week to win a $50 shopping spree from! Awesome sauce!

Since color mediums allow for lots of customized creative play, I think I might have a go at a little canvas. Here I have some repurposed and Gessoed canvases...
While that dries, I have several papers from my SMASH 365 Journal at the ready for some collage action:
And now, it's time for some color fun! I have an idea of a sun ray of sorts, so I just grab my gelatos...
Scribble them on, and blend with some water and my fingers:
 Until I have something like this:
**A little note about Gelatos: I often hear people saying things like, "what are they?" "what do you do with them?" And, what I would say is they are like a cross between a watercolor crayon and an oil pastel. They are deliciously creamy, water soluble, and melt with the heat of your fingers. They really are too fun not to try! And, they are not expensive and last for a LONG time!

Ok, moving on...  

This little canvas will be the center of my sun ray design:
 But first, we need to do some of that collage action...
Alrighty! I have several paper pieces glued down and now it's time to get my little canvas on there. I don't want it to look like it was just stuck down... I want it to "blend" in a bit. So, first a bit of white brushed around the sides...
And, then a little wax. I really tried to get a good action shot of the melting and dripping fun, I promise. But, it is really hard to get a good picture of that without a camera man. And, well... the hubster wasn't home. So, you will have to take my word for it when I tell you that the melting and dripping around the edges of this canvas was super easy and super fun. The best thing about it is that when you make a mistake, you can just heat it back up and let it drip off of your work. Fool proof!
OK! Time to embellish. I fussy cut that bird out of one of the SMASH pages and freehand cut the heart out of some SMASH map paper. A little glossy accents and they will be some fun little embellies:
While those dry, lets get that little canvas all set. First, I put down some more SMASH paper. Then, I added a bit more white paint...
 And some more Gelato fun:
 Sprinkled with some alcohol ink and white paint:
Then, the bird and heart were placed... along with a simple handwritten title:
 And there you have it!
Lots of color and texture...
 Love it!
Okie Dokie! Now it's your turn. Get your color on and link-it-up! I can't wait to see :)

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  1. This has blown me away Ashli! Love the way you have used your papers (don't we all have a huge stash that NEEDS using!?) And putting alcohol inks with white paint produces such a gorgeous effect. So much inspiration here. Thank you for a detailed tutorial. Hugs, Jenny x

  2. I love how you layered up the canvases, Ashli. It gives the piece some great depth. Such a beautiful way to create the background too!

  3. Hi Ashli, love the sun rays effect in the background and then the added papers for more layers of interest. Love the added smaller canvas too. The little bird and heart are a lovely touch . Enjoy your week. Tracy x

  4. Georgeous!
    Have a wonderful week :o)

  5. Love your canvas creations. Very cool that you added the small canvas on the bigger canvas to get the added dimension. Love this! :)

  6. So beautiful, wonderful colors. I've been playing with little canvases too lately and they are so much fun. I love how you incorporated the paper.

  7. Love the texture in the background! Beautiful design and love the tutorial!

  8. Ashli...thanks for sharing your tutorial with all of us. Your project looks like it was great fun to make! The gelatos really did make a cool sunburst background. I like the smaller canvas stacked and waxed on top of the other canvas. Very neat design! <3 Candy

  9. Awesome - love the texture and the layers. You make it look so easy and fun.

  10. turned out amazing!!:):) You make it loook so easy too!!

  11. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing about the gelatos.
    I have been tempted to try them from time to time.
    My friend Rita does beautiful things with them like you.
    I am just afraid I wouldn't use them enough.
    I may just give it a try though!

  12. Gorgeous canvas, Ashli! I love the way you combined the colors and the gelatos look like so much fun to play with!

    Simon Says Stamp!

  13. What a stunning canvas, Ashli! those gelatos give such great color. Love the ray of colors! Hugs, Sandra

  14. Awesome canvas. I was wondering what those gelatos were like and now I know. Had no idea about the Beeswax, so discovered a new product.

  15. Gorgeous Ashli!! Love the way you layered the canvases and the use of the Gelatos is really awesome!

  16. loving the texture Ashli =) great step by step tutorial. I will definitely give it a try one day!

  17. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! I'm blown away! Your pages are always fabulous, but now canvas!!! I love it! You are a fabulous mixed media Artist! This is wonderful, and so many mediums used! Great color and great tutorial too! Beautiful!

  18. Wow... I love the layered canvases! Gorgeous sunburst of colour... like Anita I love your layouts but it's so fabulous to see you working your magic with another substrate!!
    Alison x

  19. LOVELY canvas! The textures and layers are fabulous!


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